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Dragon Ball FighterZ teases the next DLC fighter, Baby

Published: 00:40, 18 December 2020
Toei Animation
Dragon Ball GT - Strongest Form 2 Baby
Dragon Ball GT - Strongest Form 2 Baby

Bandai Namco are continuing to pour content into Dragon Ball FighterZ as they are going to add Baby as the next character, referred to differently, depending on the form.

Baby's name may be odd for those not familiar with the character from Dragon Ball GT but it could potentially be misleading as we're not dealing with a toddler that might be hard to target in the game. Instead, Baby will be using the Super Baby 2 form, which is the mechanical parasite's look after possessing Vegeta's body.

This rundown may be somewhat oversimplified since the character went through quite a bit of an arc before that point and despite being an artificially made parasite, there is a sad story behind it, which we will circle back after laying down Baby's abilities.

Baby will feature a Ki shot that can return if it doesn't hit the target the first time around. Furthermore, downed allied characters can still be called in with Z assist which is rather cool, given the character's story.

That's not the only move from Baby's previous appearances that will make it into DBFZ either, since calling him to assist can result in having a golden ape shoot an energy beam at the enemy.

These abilities tie in well with Baby's story, who was originally created by Tuffles, a technologically advanced humanoid race that ended up being wiped out by Saiyans at the end of a prolonged war. 

The sole reason for creation of these robotic parasites was to exact revenge on the brutal race that wiped their creators out. When Baby crosses paths with the Saiyans once again, he wants to revive the fallen Tuffle race which is essentially a noble goal but the means of doing so are anything but.

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