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Dirt 5 developers are impressed by the power of Xbox Series X's Zen 2 CPU

Published: 09:06, 11 June 2020
Updated: 09:11, 11 June 2020
Dirt 5 will run at 120FPS on Xbox Series X
Dirt 5 will run at 120FPS on Xbox Series X

Codemasters Technical Director David Springate has been very impressed by the power of Zen 2 based CPU in the Xbox Series X. Springate commented on simultaneous multi-threading, which he described as much faster than SMT in usual CPUs.

Microsoft's next-gen console is powered by AMD's CPU and GPU and it seems that many are impressed with the power of this custom design. Of course, Xbox Series X also packs other sweet hardware like the super-fast SSD but Technical Director at Codemasters David Springate is in awe of the console's CPU.

When asked about Xbox Series X features that Codemasters were most excited to explore during the development of Dirt 5, Springate picked Zen 2 CPU as his favourite.

"I love that features like the fast SSD and the ray-tracing capabilities of the GPU are some of the more talked about but I am very impressed with the power of the new Zen 2 based processor," Springate said. "The CPU is very powerful – and its simultaneous multi-threading is very impressive"

Springate explained that the developers are used to dealing with the concept of running multiple threads and sharing resources across threads on PC but with Xbox Series X, this concept becomes even better and more powerful.

"The SMT in the Series X processor is far more capable than usual CPUs," he explained. "We found that the Dirt 5 engine was able to easily make great use of this and sprang to life across the 16 hardware threads available to us on Series X."

Codemasters artwork showing dirt logo Dirt tease

He concluded by saying that CPU power is equally important for high frame rates and having a scalable engine such as the one Dirt 5 is using means that the developers have more CPU power left to spend on better physics lower latency input and AI.

Dirt 5 is hitting the shelves in October 2020.

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