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Dirt 5 developer in talks with Take-Two Interactive over potential sale

Published: 19:47, 06 November 2020
Citroen C3 R5 as depicted in Dirt 5
Dirt 5, Citroen C3 R5

It has been reported that Codemasters, the renowned studio perhaps best known for their racing simulation games, are in talks with Take-Two Interactive, over a potential sale.

As reported by The Times' market reporter Tom Howard, the two are talking about a £740m purchase, which he suggests Codemasters would agree to. The current offer is said to be 485p in cash and shares, although it's likely that Take-Two will have to up their game. 

Howard quoted Shore Capital analyst as saying, "The offer price is too low and a cash price comfortably over 500p would be more suited. This new offer may cause other companies to look at Codemasters and potentially create further interest, possibly from Tencent or Activision Blizzard?"

Codemasters have been on a roll apparently, and the release of F1 2020 and Dirt 5 would likely help their case, seeing as how both the games are renowned releases almost guaranteed to do well.

Knowing their affinity towards annual sports releases, it's not hard to see why Take-Two would be interested in such an offer. Many gamers, however, seem to be pretty disappointed with the mere notion of Codemasters heading for the publisher's waters. 

We're talking about a high-profile sale here, so it's not exactly clear whether Tencent or Activision Blizzard would be a better decision. Although, to be fair - Tencent have reliably demonstrated that they're all about investments, and not interested in disrupting video game developers. 

Many gamers are, of course, turned off by the idea due to microtransactions, of which Take-Two are particularly fond. NBA 2k21, for instance, has recently added in-game ads that ran during loading screens, but a passionate response by the community prompted the dev to remove them. 

Dirt 5 rally simulation by Codemasters, vehicle classes

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Dirt 5, it doesn't get much more iconic than 90s Rally class

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