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Destiny 2 devs hire YouTuber to fix what's left of the game

Published: 17:33, 26 April 2018
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That Destiny 2 is in a huge heap of trouble is not a mystery - the game has been on a downward spiral almost since it launched. Bungie have now decided to try and fix the game by hiring a prominent Destiny 2 content creator, Patrick Casey.

If you've followed Destiny 2, or the original Destiny for that matter, then Patrick 'Holtzmann' Casey is a household name. The man has been covering the game probably longer than anyone and it was perhaps only fitting to see him on the team.

Holtzmann's official position is called gameplay specialist. He was hired on a three month contract, even though many would argue that getting Destiny 2 into shape will take twice as long.

Destiny 2's new crew member has said his goodbyes to the community in a tweet, where he reminded everyone that if he's not around as often, it probably means he's just "staying focused".

It is incredibly ironic seeing a game developer hiring a content creator to help with gameplay, although you could also argue it's a brave move by Bungie. After all, the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one, an area where Bungie isn't really an industry leader.

This is not the first time a company has hired a content creator either. DayBreak Games hired Wrel to help around while TheyBreak Planetside 2 and it seems to have worked pretty well. In fact, I'm pretty certain the game would've been dead by now had there not been for Wrel and some other returning personnel. But, I digress. Or do I?

Hiring a popular content creator from your game's player base is also a very clever political move, in that it tries to rebuild quality relations with the community. It also emits a distinct odour of last ditch crowd pleasing.

Seeing as how one of us is now one of them, it makes you trust Bungie all the more. And they aren't the one to promise the world and deliver cut content from yesteryear's flagship, no sir.

We'd love to say how we hope it isn't a case of too little, too late, but we've said it for Destiny 2 many times over. So let's just say we'll wait and see this time and wish Holtzmann all the best on his new job.

Eric 'Holtzmann' Casey Letter where YouTuber Holtzmann announced joining Bungie Eric 'Holtzmann' Casey

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