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Destiny 2 sales have underperformed says Activision

Published: 10:41, 09 November 2018
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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 sales have fallen short of Activision's expectations, the publisher has revealed in its earnings call. Even with the latest update Forsaken, which was well received by fans, Activision wanted more from the sci-fi shooter.

Activision are not thrilled about Destiny 2's financial performance with the sci-fi shooter falling short of expectations the publisher has revealed in its latest earnings call. According to the statement of Activision's COO Coddy Johnson, the game sales have been underperforming ever since its release back in September 2017. “Some of our other franchises like Destiny are not performing as well as we’d like,” Johnson said before adding they are yet to see a full player engagement with the game.

One of the plans for improving Destiny 2 sales and widening its audience is to release new content faster while introducing new monetization options. Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC was a positive addition to the base game and was well received by fans and according to Johnson is the highest quality content the studio could release. 

All of this shouldn't surprise anyone as Activision recently made Destiny 2's base game available for free download on PlayStation Plus and Battle.Net for a limited time. Bungie also included previous Destiny 2 DLCs for free with the purchase of Forsaken, which can be seen as an effort to boost sales and make players come back for more. "So when you're in, you're deeply engaged. If you're not, we're hoping now's the time to bring players back in and win them back," Johnson pointed out.

Bungie A preview of Tangled Shores Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion

Some would say Activision are too little too late with the gifts as some earlier leaks suggest Bungie are already working on Destiny 3 and aiming to deliver a deeper and more hardcore experience this time. This was something that fans asked for as they felt Destiny 2 was a pretty dumbed down and more of a game for casual play rather than something players would engage with for a long period of time.

Wheater Activision inject some life into Destiny 2 remains to be seen, but this looks more and more like the original Destiny all over again.

Destiny 2

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