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Defiance 2050 Closed beta for PC, Xbox One and PS4 starts in April

Published: 10:13, 23 March 2018
Trion Worlds
Three people standing behind some letters and numbers that spell out ''Defiance 2050''
Defiance 2050

Trion Worlds have formally announced the dates for the upcoming closed beta for their open world sci-fi shooter Defiance 2050. All three platforms will be able to participate in the beta on the weekend of 20 to 22 April 2018.

That said, in the case of PS4, the beta will only be available in North America. During the test, players will be able to play through Defiance 2050 up until level 2050. Areas that will be open for exploration and leveling will be Mount Tam and Madera. Players will be able to go through story missions and Trion Worlds have promised that there will be a ''taste'' of large scale battles of some sort.

Defiance 2050's official launch is expected to be somewhere during the summer 2018. Matt Pettit, the game's producer, mentioned that ''getting players into the game as soon as possible'' is ''hugely'' important for Trion Worlds. This probably refers to stress testing the server stability. He continued by adding that they are creating the game with player feedback in mind so this beta will be ''essential for getting information from Defiance fans'' on whether they would like to see some improvements.

Trion Worlds Players celebrating that they killed a bunch of Hellbugs. Defiance 2050 - Large scale battles will likely mean massive swarms of Hellbugs

Trion Worlds claim that Defiance 2050 is a complete recreation of the original game from ground up and that it's not a remaster but gameplay we've seen so far points to a different conclusion. It definitely looks like a remaster of the original game to the point of gameplay looking eerily similar, having even the same animations as the original. Class changes are new, original content but Defiance 2050 is far from a ''ground up recreation''.

Granted, impressions from watching a video don't always prove to be exactly correct, so it remains to see what players think after the beta tests. Trion Worlds have also said that Defiance 2050 will be a ''major update to the original game's system'' which sounds more true to the gameplay we've seen but it's also contradictory to their previous statement.

Trion Worlds Screenshot from Defiance showcasing the game's graphics with a soldier in heavy black armour and a VTOL in the background. Defiance 2050 - Visuals look good, but it remains to be seen how optimized the game is.

Defiance will be made available to players on PC, PS4 and Xbox One at an undisclosed point during the summer 2018.

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