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New Defiance 2050 gameplay footage and assault class reveal

Published: 19:36, 19 March 2018
Trion Worlds
A guy leaving his armory with an assault rifle. He loves his guns.
Defiance 2050

Trion Worlds have revealed a lot of new info about their upcoming title Defiance 2050. One of the things revealed is the Assault class and partial reveals of the game's other classes, all while streaming new gameplay footage.

As far as classes go, one big change from the original game will be the abilities you can equip. You can have up to three active abilities at the same time, where there was only one in the original Defiance and each class has different abilities now. Developers have described their classes as a ''venn diagram'' on the stream and the starting classes will be assault, assassin, guardian and medic. It seems that assault will have a few traits from each of the other three classes.

The game will also have ''premium'' classes that will be post launch content and they include demolitionist, crusader and engineer. These will be unlockable in-game and will not necessarily need to be purchased. A class with turrets was confirmed and by the sound of ''engineer'' it is safe to assume they are going to be the ones with automated bullet-spitting helpers.

Trion Worlds Guy in heavy futuristic armour crouching in a blue circle. Defiance 2050 - Guardians have the ability to shield themselves.

Weapons are no longer class restricted, both assassin and medic can equip a sniper rifle but it is confirmed some classes will be more proficient with certain weapons than the others. For example, during the stream you can see that assault class has perks that reduce shotgun drop-off and assault rifle spread.

There are no more Charge Blades in weapon form. That said, melee combat isn't gone from the game, as standard weapon bashing. Assassin class will have Charge Blade as an ability and it will likely be a high damage melee attack.

Trion Worlds Futuristic sword that has a blue energy blade and a golden metal handle. Defiance - Castithan Charge Blade

Respecs will be available on the fly and there will be no charge for them. You can also change your class at any point in the game, along with your weapons and perks through Loadout screen. Vehicles are still present and developers mentioned they will be vanity items. It is likely they will have no stats of their own. They have also confirmed there will be no flying vehicles but there is one that hovers.

Defiance 2050 will be a free to play game and so will be all of its DLC. You will be able to unlock content with in-game currency but the game's shop will offer ''shortcuts'' for real money. It remains to be seen if unlocking content will be a Ubisoft-styled grind fest. Microtransactions will be present in the game but mostly as vanity items.

Trion Worlds Dodge Charger in the game Defiance is modded to be driven on rough terrains. Defiance - I wonder if we will get to drive more of these Dodge Chargers

Xbox One X and PS4 Pro will have 4k resolution but it will not be native, so no HDR on consoles.

More info will be available on GDC 2018 and if you want to participate in the game's closed beta you can sign up for it on the game's official .

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