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Death Stranding review embargo is up one week before launch

Published: 12:58, 09 October 2019
Death Stranding

Metal Gear messiah Hideo Kojima is obviously pretty confident in his upcoming game Death Stranding, as proven by the review embargo, where reviewers get a week to have their say on whether Kojima lost it or knocked it out of the park.

Death Stranding reviews will be accessible from 01 November 2019. Obviously, review embargos can affect initial sales quite a bit and it's not uncommon for companies to ensure a game's embargo and launch are as close to one another as possible, so as to minimise the aforementioned effects.

In fact, consider that Days Gone, Sony's in-house PS4 exclusive, had its review embargo lifted just a day before, which didn't exactly ooze confidence. In hindsight, experiencing Bend Studio's game was more of a slow burn than love at first sight, so you could say Sony nailed that one, but I digress. 

It's pretty clear there's no shortage of confidence in the Death Stranding camp, and it's no wonder considering the scope of the project. For all his game development exploits, Kojima never had the star-studded lineup he did now, and he's already said that working with quality actors makes his job infinitely easier. 

In one of his more recent interviews, Kojima said that finishing Death Stranding is a very long task, but he stopped short of giving the actual playtime. 

Asked whether other people's games will make the landscape littered with others' games, Kojima replied, "It is important that the player can go through this adventure himself. The game provides mechanics that resets all actions of other players. Rains wash away everything that was done by other players. Plus, the gameplay is designed so that there is no strong influence from other players."

He also responded to some concerns that Death Stranding looks a lot like a walking simulator in some of the provided footage, insisting that this is not the case, even if there is plenty of walking to be done.

Death Stranding's open-world looks amazing Death Stranding's open-world looks amazing
Death Stranding

Death Stranding went gold at the end of September, which means that development is done and the game is locked and loaded for mass production. In other words - all eyes are on that review embargo now.

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Death Stranding

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