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Dawnbreaker goes live in Dota 2, here is the ability rundown

Published: 19:33, 10 April 2021
Dota 2 - Dawnbreaker
Dota 2 - Dawnbreaker

Valve added the new Dota 2 hero, Dawnbreaker, and she is already swinging into either love or hatred of the community, depending on whether you are on the receiving end of her hammer.

Dawnbreaker's kit is rather well-rounded. She's a carry with decent durability but also features crowd control, healing and map control tools. This makes her a potent hero but this will likely cause frustration on the opposing team since her kit might prove to be overloaded. It's her first day in the field so it would only be fair to give the hero some time to see if players discover enough counterplay to warrant keeping all of her tools.

Starbreaker, her first ability, lets Dawnbreaker do AoE damage as she swings the hammer three times before slamming targets in from of her that take damage and get stunned.

She can also throw the weapon with Celestial Hammer, dealing damage to all enemies in its flight path. It will remain on the ground briefly, before returning to the hero and leaving a fiery path behind it. Enemies crossing the fire will be slowed.

Luminosity is a passive that charges Dawnbreaker's attacks until the count reaches three. The next attack will deal critical damage and heal nearby allies for a portion of the damage dealt.

Solar Guardian, the ultimate is a literal lifesaver. Dawnbreaker targets an ally, around whom a pulsing healing field appears. The field will also damage enemies. If they don't hightail it, the enemies will take additional damage and get stunned when Dawnbreaker flies in. 

The range of this ability allows the hero to set up ganks and counter ganks even when she is in a different lane, making it an amazing tool for any team to have.

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