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Dark Souls 3 FPS boost officially confirmed

Published: 23:49, 08 July 2021
Dark Souls 3 screenshot showing a gothic city
Dark Souls 3 servers are live again meaning you can now see precious blood spots and invade other players

Xbox users are getting better performance in Dark Souls 3 now, thanks to the FPS boost feature, leaving them to deal with only the regular Souls challenges.

Souls games are hard on their own but when your frame rate is not smooth, it becomes an even bigger challenge. The latest update is bringing the game up to 60 FPS on Xbox Series X/S but some of the older drawbacks remain. For example, the resolution has not been bumped up and it remains at just 900p.

This is a five-year-old game so maybe the hopes were slightly too high if one were to expect 4K or something along those lines. Then again, EA pulled exactly that with Mass Effect Legendary Edition, with the oldest game in the trilogy being over a decade past its release.

Considering that PS4 Pro already had 60 FPS and PS5 retained it, team Xbox will probably be delighted to catch up with the features in this challenging game. Speaking of which, buttery smooth performance will not make a better player out of you just like that but having more frames to spot an enemy telegraphing their move will certainly be a boon.

Overall, it's going to be great for XSX players, who can now watch their character die in a much smoother manner as Dark Souls 3 flashes their lives before their eyes.

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