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Call of Duty: WW II will feature female soldiers

Published: 09:17, 02 May 2017
Call of Duty: WW2

In a move that might spark just a little bit of controversy, the presence of female soldiers in the upcoming Call of Duty: World War II, has been confirmed by Sledgehammer games. No word yet on multiplayer customisation.

Michael Condrey of Sledgehammer games has confirmed the inclusion of female solider on the fronts of the upcoming Call of Duty: World War II.

Female models have previously been absent from Call of Duty games owing to engine limitations, specifically the games capability to handle customisable models in multiplayer.

While it might seem a bit like a forced PR move on first glance, similar to the prominent presence of black soldiers in Battlefield 1, the presence of female fighters on the fronts of World War II might make a bit more sense.

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The Soviet side of the conflict would famously draft anybody and anything who could and wanted to hold a rifle, sometimes even those unfortunate individuals who had no interest in rushing towards Berlin. Such an approach might not have discriminated too harshly along gender lines.

Other than that, the portrayal of French resistance fighters would also make a good framing device for the inclusion of female characters. There is even a small chance that partisan fighters from the Balkans might get included as a stage for female fighters. A very small chance. 

But knowing the levels of subtlety the Call of Duty games are famed for, we are more likely to see an all female paratrooper division or some similar nonsense.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Replastered Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Replastered

As a side note, the Modern Warfare Remaster might be coming to an end this Summer. Rumours are swirling around that Activision will release a standalone version of the remaster as soon Infinite Warfare sales die down a little more.

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