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CoD: Black Ops Cold War - Zombies Free Access Week set to go live soon

Published: 20:12, 11 January 2021
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Free Access Week
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Free Access Week

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War's Zombie mode is going to be free for Xbox Live Gold members for an entire week. All progress made during the event will be carried over into the purchased version of the game.

Requiem is once again calling upon all reinforcements to investigate anomalies related to this mysterious power source. Your mission is to enjoy a full week of zombie-slaying action as Treyarch’s Zombies mode will be free to access for Xbox Live Gold members to play during the Zombies Free Access Week.

The free access period will be available via an Xbox Store download and includes the following game modes:

  • Die Maschine

An abandoned WWII-era laboratory in Poland contains a massive particle collider which has opened a rift to unexplainable monstrosities and animated undead forces. As part of the international response team known as Requiem, you’ll infiltrate the DZ and (try to) survive waves of zombies through multiple rounds as you either uncover the secrets of "Die Maschine," or exfiltrate early with your life, and rewards, intact.

If you’ve unlocked new Black Ops Cold War weapons via the Battle Pass system you are free to bring them into the fight through your starting loadout and upgrade them along the way. 

You can also outfit yourself with a variety of Wall Buy weapons, take a chance with a random weapon pulled from the Mystery Box, or give any weapon a serious boost through the Pack-a-Punch Machine.

  • Cranked

This mode will pit you and your team against the clock. The upside - you will have the loadout of your choice. The downside - as soon as you take out your fist zombie, the race is on to kill the next one before the timer runs out and your Operator gets blown to bits. 

Free access is going live soon

The modes will be available for free to all Xbox Live Gold members from January 14 until January 21. If you play during the Zombies Free Access Week, your progress will carry over to the full game upon purchase on the Xbox Store .

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