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Cloud 9 reunites Mithy with Zven albeit not in active roster role

Published: 22:32, 04 December 2020
Oshin Tudayan / Riot Games
Cloud 9's squad in League of Legends
Cloud 9's squad in League of Legends

Cloud 9 has already made some massive moves in the preseason but they have now stacked up their coaching staff, with the latest arrivals being Mithy, Max Waldo and VeigarV2.

Zven and Mithy are a somewhat iconic duo in League of Legends pro scene and they have never been apart for too long. Even the latter's retirement didn't keep them from reuniting and they are now together in Cloud 9 again.

While Mithy won't be taking an active player role, he will be the team's strategic coach as the head coach role has already been occupied by Reignover. VeigarV2 and Max Waldo will be joining the coaching crew, partially as strategic coaches but also as part of the positional coaching staff.

Mithy has had a decently successful season while coaching Fnatic as the team's only unbeaten obstacle in the domestic competition was G2 Esports. At Worlds 2020, they were narrowly knocked out by Top Esports, one of the strongest teams to enter the tournament.

With the new C9 roster and the stacked coaching staff, the organisation is looking like a serious threat on the international scene, let alone LCS. TSM has also been making big moves and Evil Geniuses put together an experienced squad so it will definitely be interesting to see what the North American scene has to offer next season.

With Perkz in the mid lane, Cloud 9 now has three former G2 members on the payroll. It should be fun if they meet up with the current G2 roster through either MSI or Worlds 2021.

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