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Storm in a Teacup announce Close to the Sun, an art deco horror

Published: 09:11, 20 December 2018
Storm in a Teacup
Picture of the art deco style in Close to the Sun
Close to the Sun

Wired Productions and Storm in a Teacup have announced Close to the Sun, which will remind many players of BioShock, although this is a horror survival game, not a shooter. It takes place on a ship full of Nikola Tesla's experiments,

BioShock fans will likely see the similarity between their beloved game and Close to the Sun in the style, but that's not to say Storm in a Teacup copied the former. Both games are simply set in a time where art deco was the expression of luxury and, shall we say, good life.

One other similarity arises as soon as you see the premise though, since BioShock 1 and 2 both take place in Rapture, an underwater city that was a futuristic vision and an experiment at the same time, by Andrew Ryan. Similarly, Rose, the protagonist of will be traipsing about Helios, a ship made by Nikola Tesla for scientists to conduct experiments without being bothered all the time.

Naturally, something went wrong and Rose is thrown into the mess where she as a journalist will attempt to investigate what happened and, more importantly, survive. Tesla did trap her aboard Helios, after all.

Close to the Sun's gameplay will mostly revolve around solving puzzles and escaping danger, as Rose has no real means to defend herself. Hiding spots will be essential for progressing to the game, and by extent - sharp wit of the player will be paramount as it will help both solve puzzles and avoid enemies at the same time.

One more similarity is that Rose will have an apparent ally aboard the Helios, much like Jack had Atlas in BioShock. Let's hope Rose's ally will turn out to be more reliable though.

Storm in a Teacup Picture of some Tesla experiments from Close to the Sun Close to the Sun

Close to the Sun is coming in 2019, although no exact release date has been announced. On that note, the developers and the publisher still didn't disclose which platforms will be supported at launch, or whether there would be any ports post-launch.

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