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Client bug causes League of Legends players to lose LP

Published: 20:21, 16 April 2020
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Yet another client bug...

Another League of Legends client bug has raised many outrageous discussions on reddit. This is a really annoying one since it can directly affect every player's most important thing in the game - their LP and rank.

The League of Legends client has always been one of the most controversial things about the game and it's hard to find anyone that hasn't had an issue with it in some shape or form. 

Some of the recent updates have brought many players to their breaking points since one of the latest bugs causes players to dodge games by being unable to lock in their picks in the champion selection. This means that precious LP or a vital promotion game is lost for no reason.

The video on this reddit thread clearly shows that the player tried to lock-in Sett with three seconds left on the timer but after several futile attempts, he was returned to the lobby together with his premade squad.

This problem wouldn't be as big as it is with the older client from a couple of years ago when you didn't have to lock-in your champion and as long as you picked anything, the client would do the lock for you once the time was up.

The new system was purposely implemented because there was a problem of people accepting the queue then going AFK and a random champion would get selected which resulted in a loss or a dodge by some other teammate.

Riot Games League of Legends Clash illustration Clash games can't be dodged

The silver lining here is that this problem is somewhat less of an issue in Clash games since you can't dodge those. If you encounter this infamous bug during the Clash draft, you will be forced to play the champion you picked on the pre-ban timer where you show your intended pick.

If you, however, haven't picked anyone, or your initial pick gets banned-out, a random champion will be assigned to you, and all you can do is hope it's a relevant one.

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