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Call of Duty WWII The War Machine DLC gets a trailer, shows more of the same

Published: 14:13, 04 April 2018
Activision, Sledgehammer Games
The Sphynx with the Great Pyramids in background
Call of Duty WWII - New multiplayer map Egypt

It appears that 10 April 2018 is the World DLC Commemoration Day, since everyone seems to be releasing their post-launch content exactly then. Call of Duty WWII The War Machine DLC is also coming on 10 April and it just got a trailer.

The War Machine DLC will bring players to new maps such as Dunkirk, Sicily and Egypt. Allied invasion of Sicily will be a new objective-based War Mode mission, as part of the Operation Husky. This operation took place in July 1943, as the Allies invaded Italy in order to open up the Mediterranean sea lines that were occupied by the Axis forces. This campaign lasted for one month, ending on 17 August 1943 with Allies emerging victorious.

This mission will offer players the perspectives of both the Allies and Axis as they can pick their side. In the boots of an Allied soldier, players will have to gather intelligence in Ragusa, Sicily. Should they pick the Axis side, they will be tasked with an attempt to stop the Allies' advance. It would be really anti-climactic if the players actually manage to beat the Allies back, since we already know how it ended from history lessons. Or Google.

Activision, Sledgehammer Games Sicilian town streets shown in game Call of Duty WWII - New War Zone map Operation Husky

Call of Duty WW II seems to be the entry that finally starts innovating within the franchise, since the addition of War Mode refreshed many players' will to play the game. Activision are now taking it one step forward, by adding aerial dogfighting mechanic to the mode, coming with Operation Husky. It still remains to be seen if the aerial combat addition is actual innovation or just an attempt to invade Battlefield's market.

The DLC will also bring a new chapter for the Nazi Zombies mode, named The Shadowed Throne. This seems to be a point of interest for the players who followed the Zombies' narrative since the game's launch. And that's about it, as neither the trailer nor the DLC pack itself offer a lot of new info.

Activision A nazi zombie on fire. Call of Duty WWII - Nazi Zombies new chapter releasing

Speaking of the trailer, it is evidently pre-rendered footage that mimics the gameplay. It shows combat in all the locations added by the DLC and it all looks a little too much like a movie. The graphics are way too good, so expect downgrades. 

Season Pass owners will receive the DLC automatically, while the rest of the players will have to shell out £11,59 or $14,99.

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