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Activision reveal the second Call of Duty: World War II DLC pack

Published: 18:33, 28 March 2018
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Call of Duty WWII The War Machine DLC Pack 2

Call of Duty fanboys will have something to look forward to, as the next DLC Pack for CoD: WWII titled The War Machine has been announced by Activision and will be arriving within the next two months. Maps, guns, zombies - the usual.

Activision has announced yet another DLC pack for Call of Duty: World War II titled The War Machine, and it will be releasing on 10 April 2018 for Playstation 4, with the PC and Xbox One versions getting it as well within 30 days of it's initial release date.

The seemingly overpriced second DLC will contain three new multiplayer maps, a new War Mode with supposed aerial combat and a new chapter for CoD: Zombies. Activision's plan seems to be to continue releasing DLC in order to meet player standards.

Activision, Sledgehammer Games The Sphynx with the Great Pyramids in background Call of Duty WWII - New multiplayer map Egypt

Newly added multiplayer map Egypt marks the first time players will be going to the country in the entirety of the series and exploring famous landmarks such as the Great Pyramids inside and out.

Activision, Sledgehammer Games The streets of Dunkirk overlooking the beach and incoming war Call of Duty WWII - New multiplayer map Dunkirk

Secondly, a map titled Dunkirk will have players landing on the beach in the famed French city as they attempt to fight through the wide and open beach, as well as tiny city corridors. 

Activision, Sledgehammer Games A rocket on a truck in a rocket facility Call of Duty WWII - New multiplayer map V2

Finally, the third multiplayer map is called V2. It's a "small, ultra fast-paced map" within the context of a German rocket development and test site. 

Activision, Sledgehammer Games Sicilian town streets shown in game Call of Duty WWII - New War Zone map Operation Husky

The new War Mode map Operation Husky is a change of pace. The Allies must infiltrate German outposts in Sicily and if they succeed, fly a fighter plane to buy time for their bomber squadrons to arrive to the site.

Activision A nazi zombie on fire. Call of Duty WWII - Nazi Zombies new chapter releasing

The thing many CoD players with friends will enjoy is the new Zombies chapter titled The Shadowed Throne. It will have players explore more within the story and explode even more zombies by playing the previously known four characters Marie, Drostan, Olivia, and Jefferson, and witness "their descent into madness in a city warped with terror, blood, and war" as they fight to reach Doktor Straub and stop him.

In February 2018, both the co-founder Michael Condrey and general manager Glen Schofield left CoD:WWII developer studio Sledgehammer games, but are still part of Activision and follow the company's other projects.

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