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Bungie bring in Destiny 2 players and announce new mode

Published: 10:17, 04 May 2018
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Destiny 2

Activision Blizzard's post-earnings investor call has already revealed the company is salivating at the thought of making them sweet battle royale flavoured bucks, but it appears that it's Bungie's Destiny 2 that may get the treatment.

Activision Blizzard went through what had to be an uncomfortable experience, after investors enquired as to the failings of Activision's and Bungie's Destiny 2. To be fair, the company didn't even try to weasel out of this one.

Both Activision and Bungie are well aware that Destiny 2 is in a bad place but they claim to have already taken necessary steps to fix the situation. They're not talking about the Warmind expansion either as their fix comes afterwards.

The company have taken to the community in asking these questions, bringing in "a large cohort of the top worldwide Destiny players". Bungie gave them a taste of Warmind and a few bits from their big reveal planned for Autumn 2018, both of which to positive reactions of the crowd.

Activision refused to confirm whether it's Destiny 2 that'll be getting the battle royale but they did say that their game's upcoming mode is "incredibly engaging" and will "really speak to the community". Unfortunately, Bungie said they won't say much more until this year's E3.

From all we've heard, it seems that either Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 or Destiny 2 will be getting the battle royale treatment. Naturally, there's still a possibility we could be seeing both, which would indeed be in line with Activision's statements how they're very good at being inspired by other people's work.

Bungie Cayde-6 sitting in a bar, demonstrating an explosion with his hands Destiny 2 - Boom

Destiny 2 has been in serious trouble for a while now and Bungie are probably clutching at last clutchable straws here. In fact, the company recently hired Patrick 'Holtzmann' Casey as gameplay specialist. Seeing as how Holtzmann has been with the game all the way back since the original Destiny came out, the move indeed made sense.

Nevertheless, don't expect me to ever stop chuckling at the irony of a game developer bringing in a Youtuber to help with gameplay.


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