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Blood Bowl 3 introduces Imperial Nobility team

Published: 19:26, 01 June 2021
Blood Bowl 3 - Imperial Nobility
Blood Bowl 3 - Imperial Nobility

Cyanide Studio and Nacon presented another team that will be featured in Blood Bowl 3, the Imperial Nobility. While everyone fights dirty, this group does so with money and power.

Imperial Nobility team is described as a mix of entrepreneurs and crime bosses who wanted a bit of a thrill, which resulted in them being a team in Blood Bowl. Given their considerable resources, the team features some peak players across various races.

The featured units are Imperial Retainer Linemen, Bodyguards, Imperial Throwers, Noble Blitzers and Ogres. Most of the team members are human but the Ogres are often used for clearing the field.

The best offence is a good defence phrase comes true with Imperial Nobility as their key tactics are tied to counterattacking. Bodyguards and Linemen will be used for creating a formidable defence while Ogres beat up the opposing team in both defensive and offensive capacity.

When the opponent's attack is broken, it will be Blitzers and Throwers who will lead the Nobility's push. Throwers specialise in passing which will make them crucial in skipping large portions of the field while Blitzers will be grabbing the ball from either passes or other opportunities. Their second part of the kit will be the Blitzers' ability to break through enemy lines.

Bodyguards will prove to be tough to tackle and a nightmare to deal with in attack. Ogres will be clearing up the field of opposing players, creating opportunities for Blitzers to run through. They can also throw teammates if you need to cover some ground quicker than expected.

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