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Blood Bowl 3 Early Access has been delayed

Published: 02:09, 23 September 2021
Blood Bowl 3
Blood Bowl 3

Extreme rugby fans will need to wait a while longer before they can get their hands on Blood Bowl 3 since the Early Access period will not start in the foreseeable future.

Cyanide Studio announced they would postpone the release of Blood Bowl 3 into the Early Access. The announcement contained the regular statement about the team being committed to releasing the best product possible and so on but there are some parts that might be of interest to the fans.

For example, one of the reasons cited is over-eagerness after the feedback the devs received from the closed beta in June 2021. The positive reception had Cyanide a little too enthusiastic it seems and they overpromised with the EA release date.

Furthermore, they didn't announce a new date for the Early Access stage. This could be worrisome but while there is no release window at this very moment, the devs did say they will reveal one in the coming weeks. 

Considering we are entering the very last portion of September 2021, many fans probably figured out on their own that the early release is not happening. Nevertheless, it was not something they wanted to hear but if the comments on the Twitter announcement are anything to go by, the fans have been very supportive of the devs, probably in hope of getting a proper game in the future rather than a rushed mess by the end of the month.

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