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Psychological horror Blair Witch announced for PC and Xbox One

Published: 15:12, 10 June 2019
LionsGate Games
screenshot from blair witch showing a mysterious creature in a corner of a room
Blair Witch

A brand new psychological horror, inspired by Blair Witch Project movies is officially coming to PC and Xbox One on 30 August 2019, it's been confirmed in the reveal trailer. The game is being developed by the creators of Layers of Fear.

Bloober Team and Lionsgate Games have officially announced a brand new psychological horror game, inspired by film franchise The Blair Witch. Named simply, Blair Witch, the game has been revealed with a spooky looking debut trailer that offers some insight into the game's world and story.

Just like Bloober Team's previous psychological horror games - Layers of Fear - Blair Witch is also a story-driven first-person perspective game. It's based on the cinematic lore of Blair Witch and it's set in 1996, after a young boy disappeared in the Black Hills Forest, Burkittsville, Maryland.

Players are put in the boots of Ellis, a former police officer with troubled past, who joins the search with his dog. Soon after Ellis starts the search, weird things start to happen as he finds himself in "an endless nightmare where he has to confront his fears and the Blair Witch", a mysterious creature that haunts the woods.

As you can see from the trailer, the look and feel of the game is heavily inspired by Alan Wake and Outlast, which is, of course, a good thing. If Bloober Team manage to pull off their psychological storytelling and hair-raising moments in combination with Blair Witch lore, then we're looking at another great title in their small portfolio.

The game is announced for PC and Xbox One. At the moment, there is no confirmation if Blair Witch will ever arrive to PlayStation 4. On PC, you'll be able to get it on Steam or Blair Witch is set to release on 30 August 2019.

Lionsgate Games screenshot showing blair witch logo on black background Blair Witch

Blair Witch is also available for pre-order right now on all platforms but you know our policy on these things - wait for reviews. However, it is your hard-earned money and if the game looks like something you'll play regardless of the review scores, then go ahead with it.

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