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Bethesda presentation at E3 will be integrated in Microsoft's

Published: 15:04, 20 May 2021
Updated: 15:05, 20 May 2021
bethesda game studio joins team xbox as microsoft purchases zenimax media, it's parent company
Bethesda joins Team Xbox

Microsoft's acquisition of numerous high-profile RPG studios posed some questions about the future conferences at big events and head of Microsoft Studios himself provided some answers.

Bethesda used to have their own shows at big conferences like E3, PAX and Gamescom but that will change following the acquisition by Microsoft. 

According to an interview with Matt Booty, conducted by Chloé Woitier of Le Figaro, Microsoft and Bethesda conferences will be merged at E3. That said, Bethesda will retain some degree of individuality.

Furthermore, Microsoft is apparently not meddling in Bethesda's publishing areas, such as marketing, sales and communication and the parent company is trying not to force their own teams in. This appears to be an effort to leave the creative studios to their devices in order to preserve their identity and the policy applies to all the studios acquired by MS.

One more thing they appear to be avoiding is creating content based on metrics that show what might work best on Game Pass, therefore letting the creative minds tread their own paths as opposed to just churning out what the cold numbers tell them. In other words, Obsidian, Bethesda and others still stand a chance of releasing awesome games instead of 100 battle royales.

They are also focusing on bringing Bethesda's new content to Xbox Game Pass from day one which should be another win in the subscribers' books.

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