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Astralis, formerly Origen, fined by LEC for late payments

Published: 00:49, 14 October 2020
Astralis Group

European League of Legends fans said their goodbyes to Origen, a beloved brand in the region, as Astralis unified their teams under one roof but their start is somewhat rough it seems.

League of Legends European Championship (LEC) fined Astralis €5,000 for being late on multiple payments that were supposed to go to team members as well as the misconduct of the team's general manager.

According to the official announcement , multiple team members reached out to the League as they reported missing salary payments which prompted an investigation. 

The issue apparently happened due to Danish jurisdiction specifics and human error but the organisation was cooperative which could be the reason why the fine wasn't higher. All the payments have been received by the team members.

Meanwhile, Astralis' general manager was found to be guilty of misrepresenting contract terms with the team members as well as verbal misconduct which affected the fine.

The €5,000 fine may seem light but LEC established a few other requirements for the organisation in order to ensure something like this doesn't repeat itself.

One of them is the requirement of direct communication with the team so they can report future grievances to the ownership group. Furthermore, the org will have to establish an onboarding program for the team members so they can acclimatise to the country's payment, tax and EasyID requirements.

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Check-ins from the League will be around to make sure the aforementioned requirements have been fulfilled.

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