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Assemble Entertainment's Gamescom 2021 lineup has two mystery titles

Published: 11:02, 28 July 2021
Updated: 11:03, 28 July 2021
Assemble Entertainment
Assemble Entertainment at Gamescom 2021
Assemble Entertainment at Gamescom 2021

Gamescom 2021 will be a fully digital experience the fans will get to enjoy for free. One of the expo's partners has shared their line-up for the event.

With Gamescom 2021 coming up on August 25, many game developers and publishers have started sharing their line-ups for the expo. 

German publisher Assemble Entertainment is an official partner of the event and today, the company has announced its current portfolio of indie titles intended for the event, along with two world premieres.

The entire line-up, the two mysterious titles included, will be available in the Gamescom Now content hub. On top of this, two popular titles will participate in the Indie Arena Booth 2021. 

More details will be shared on August 25. This includes all official Gamescom streams, events, and panels that Assemble Entertainment will take part in.

Assemble Entertainment Assemble Entertainment Gamescom 2021 line-up Assemble Entertainment Gamescom 2021 line-up

The complete list of Assemble Entertainment’s Gamescom 2021 line-up:

  • Unannounced Title (3D- Action Adventure/Zelda-like) by TinyRoar
  • Unannounced Title (Text-Adventure) by RobotPumpkin Games
  • Endzone – World Apart: Prosperity by Gentlymad Studios
  • Sphere – Flying Cities by Hexagon Sphere Games
  • ITORAH by Grimbart Tales
  • Super Catboy by Pixelpogo
  • Orbital Bullet by SmokeStab
  • Ultimate ADOM - Caverns of Chaos by TeamADOM
  • Squadron 51 by Loomiarts, Fehorama Filmes
  • Roadwarden by Moral Anxiety Studio
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