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Apex Legends Season 2 falls short of S1, GTA Online doing great

Published: 17:24, 20 August 2019
Respawn Entertainment
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Apex Legends

SuperData's number crunchers have rolled out their report on the worldwide digital games market in 2019, where they found that Apex Legends' Season 2 isn't doing great, but GTA Online's Diamond Casino & Resort is raking in big bucks.

"We estimate Grand Theft Auto Online made $69 million across console and PC in July following the anticipated 'Diamond Casino' update, marking one of the best sales months for the game since launch and the first month of double-digit year-over-year growth since August 2018", SuperData said.

Granted, most of GTA Online's success seems to have been reserved for consoles, as the game didn't make the top 10 earners on PC.

Nevertheless, Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive will be pleased with the revenue increase, which went from 10th and 5th place in May and June, to first place in July 2019.

Apex Legends has been finding it hard to match its Season 1 profitability, with their July earnings being roughly half of what they made in March, meaning during Season 1.

Still, things have been improving as of late and Respawn's popular battle royale generated $37 million across console and PC in July, which is double the amount they made in June. We're yet to see how and if the recent controversy reflected on the game's revenue.

Fortnite's PC revenue seems to be reliably stable in fifth place, but their console fortunes have again dropped somewhat. Epic's battle royale hit a bit of a rougher patch earlier this year, only to bounce back in May, where it stuck around until July. As you can see, it's currently in fourth place on consoles.

FIFA Mobile had some trouble replicating FIFA 2018 World Cup results, although that shouldn't be surprising knowing the sort of hype that the competition can drum up. 

SuperData SuperData's highest grossing video games in July 2019 SuperData, July 2019

PUBG is again being mentioned among the top-performing games, having sold 1.1 million units on PC. Note that PUBG Corp's price cuts have had a lot to do with this, with the price averaging at around $18, and even though the sales were slower than last year, they're still a good result.

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