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Apex Legends reveals Seer's abilities and releases new traielr

Published: 00:36, 23 July 2021
Respawn Entertainment
Apex Legends - Seer
Apex Legends - Seer

Respawn Entertainment provided background on the new character in Apex Legends previously and now they've completely unveiled Seer, who excels as a scout.

Gathering intel in Apex Legends is often crucial which is one of the main reasons why Bloodhound has been extremely popular ever since the game's release. Other intel Legends existed during all this time but none quite challenged Bloodhound's claim to the throne of the best tracker and it looks like Seer will be the first one to do so.

His passive ability will allow tracking enemies through their heartbeats while aiming down the sights. Heartbeat is the name of the game here and Apex Legends imitates the real-life mechanics as well - faster enemies will be tracked more efficiently while enemies who walk or stand still will be calmer and therefore harder to pinpoint.

In case you didn't have enough tracking there, Seer's tactical ability will also track enemies as the swarm of micro-drones flies around the area.

Still not enough tracking? Seer's ultimate will call the All-Father. No, we're joking but it will still reveal enemies in the affected area. Furthermore, the micro-drones will create a shield that only Seer and his allies can shoot through. 

This ability loadout seems extremely potent as it is but we believe the new character will definitely need some tuning as players master the new addition and get the most benefit out of him.

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