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Call of Duty: Warzone players claim "free" bundle is draining their CoD Points

Published: 10:53, 05 October 2022
Warzone bundle advertised as free is costing players 2000 CoD points

A supposedly free Call of Duty: Warzone bundle is reportedly costing players a large amount of their Call of Duty points.

A bugged Warzone bundle that looks to be free from the start is not, with gamers complaining that it really takes 2000 of their Call of Duty points.

The Call of Duty shop allows players to purchase a broad range of themed packages to outfit their favourite characters, weaponry, and nameplates.  A Warzone bundle related to  Amazon Prime Gaming  is now available on the CoD shop for those users with the option to "Claim Bundle" and needs no payment.

The package of these bundles involves the exchange of CoD Points purchased with actual money, for the actual bundle and therefore their prices are usually perfectly clear. So, players are now confused because the supposedly free bundle is draining their CoD points.

Looks may be misleading, as many Warzone players found. Warzone gamers chose to opt-in for this opportunity, only to discover that it deducted 2000 CoD Points from their account. 

If this is the case, the system discrepancy indicates that the package is most likely bugged, though Activision has yet to confirm this.

Activison Blizzard Bundle reported as "free" actually cost 2000 CoD points Bundle reported as "free" actually cost 2000 CoD points

Players claim the package secretly costs CoD Points if you don't have Prime Gaming, reasoning: "I guess it's because if you don't have Prime you have to pay for it, but they didn't specify that, so I and many others believed it was free for everyone."

There are always fresh Operators and Bundles to claim, and gamers who have been affected by the bundle glitch will surely want to be reimbursed. This is certainly going to be noticed by the developers sooner rather than later.

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