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Anthem players are on a temporary strike due to low drop rates

Published: 23:36, 11 March 2019
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BioWare and EA have seemingly managed to mess up a looter shooter by not delivering enough loot as Anthem players are on a massive strike that is set to last from 11 until 15 March 2019 in order to protest in hopes of getting better loot.

Anthem has had a rough start that could easily be seen as the worst one in recent history had it not been for Bethesda and Fallout 76. Aside from technical issues that included alleged bricking of PlayStation 4 consoles, unsatisfying gameplay, UI and plethora of other problems, BioWare have managed to botch the loot. In a looter shooter game.

Players couldn't feel any sense of pride and accomplishment since Anthem's launch due to meaningful drops being as plentiful as onion crops in winter. Then a bug happened that lasted for about 11 hours where players received loot that many considered to be gratifying but BioWare eventually fixed it.

The loot bug is exactly the focus of the protest organised on Reddit as over 11.000 users have upvoted a in the period between 11 and 15 March 2019. BioWare have not responded officially as of writing this article but it is expected that the movement will not go unnoticed.

While the title of the post is rather ambitious, to say the least, asking players to show EA and BioWare that investors might pick up on the major issues the companies are causing for the users, it is not impossible that their voices could be heard.

Even though a drop of anywhere between 10.000 to 200.000 players between three different platforms may not be that noticeable, there are other ways this movement can influence the decision making. The thread is sitting on top of Anthem's subreddit with 20 Silver, 10 Gold and eight Platinum gildings as of the time of writing.

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This should be enough to draw the gaze of anyone monitoring EA and BioWare's progress with the title as it is supposed to be a big launch of 2018, at least judging by the massive marketing budget EA blew on it.

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