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All three GW2: End of Dragons elite specs from first beta revealed

Published: 13:00, 12 August 2021
Guild Wars 2 - Willbender Guardian
Guild Wars 2 - Willbender Guardian

ArenaNet went all out five days before the first beta for new elite specialisations from Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons begins and showcased all of them in separate trailers.

Guild Wars 2 is getting the first taste of End of Dragons on August 17, 2021, as the game will allow three specialisations to be previewed on your account, even if you don't have free character slots. Three new ones will appear, allowing you to create max level characters with these specialisations available.

Necromancers are getting Harbinger, the pistol-wielding spec that borrows from Engineer mechanics since it relies on using elixirs. The spec will be condition-based it seems but also features a few support aspects. 

Mesmers will also rely on conditions when playing Virtuoso and the dagger-wielding specialisation will have psyonic blades to throw at their enemies in order to dish out the pain. It also steps a bit away from the regular Mesmer ways of trickery by focusing more on offence.

Willbenders are the last elite specialisation that was revealed with the first beta. These dual-sword Guardians will be more mobile than their other counterparts and the off-hand sword will provide physical utilities that have multi-strike and movement-buffing capabilities. Just like the Virtuoso, Willbender will focus on being an aggressive damage dealer.

The rest of the elite specialisations will be revealed through the other two beta events, with the second one set for September 21 to 25 and the third one for October 26 to 30.

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