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Akali nerf coming to League of Legends in patch 10.3

Published: 17:04, 17 January 2020
Riot Games
Picture of Akali in League of Legends
Akali buffs are always a scary thing

Riot Games will make players who don't like Akali rather happy in League of Legends patch 10.3 as she will have fewer chances to escape now and will generally be easier to kill. Gone are the days of an elusive ninja with tons of damage.

Akali is proving problematic in solo queue and also had a strong presence at World Championship 2019 which made Riot Games reconsider her power level. Come patch 10.3, it will be nerfed to under 9,000 as she will no longer be able to escape as many dangerous situations so target choice and timing will be more crucial.

Namely, her shroud will not keep her invisible in case she gets rooted. The former Kinkou Order ninja will be revealed for the duration of any roots on her, meaning that a Maokai can just send his ult down the lane and remove any potential safe space Akali might have. 

Furthermore, she will not get the movement speed buff while in the shroud as it will only happen when she initially casts it. The speed buff will be bigger initially but will wear down over two seconds. 

That is not all though. Akali's mobility from the ultimate will get a kick in the shins as well. She will now in order to use the dashes, instead of being able to just have the cursor anywhere on the ground. On top of that, the speed at which she moves during the dashes will be reduced by roughly 37 per cent.

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On the flip side, Riot didn't touch Akali's damage output, meaning she can still delete enemies if played well enough. It remains to be seen whether the removal of the mobility alongside the additional root reveal while in the shroud will provide her with enough opportunities to safely secure kills though.

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