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Activision lawyers order Cease & Desist to Spyro fan game dev

Published: 17:10, 25 September 2018
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Spyro the Dragon
Spyro the Dragon

Nintendo aren't the only company going after those who host their IPs and Activision just confirmed that with a Cease & Desist letter they sent to the developer of the fan-made Spyro: Myths Awaken, but it wasn't entirely unexpected.

Spyro: Myths Awaken was a fan project that aimed to bring the old school fans a new Spyro game. Now that Activision are about to release the Spyro Reignited Trilogy, it was expected the company would shut down the project, but everyone involved apparently hoped otherwise.

Hopes aren't enough, as Sebastian Chapman posted the Cease & Desist letter he received from Activision's legal team. Considering that no one is really keen on getting locked up, it is safe to assume that the project will be abandoned and we will never get to play it. 

The project aimed to build a new Spyro game from scratch so all the assets were manually created and the IP is the only reason Chapman's brain child was shut down. Then again, it was somewhat expected, as Spyro: Reignited Trilogy is set to hit the store shelves in November 2018 so no competition would be tolerated.

Spyro: Myths Awaken will not be entirely lost, however, as the developers seem to be set on reworking it, cutting any ties with Spyro franchise and releasing it as an independent game with a different name. As we mentioned previously, all the assets were built from ground up, so it only remains to remove visual or audio cues that could connect the game to Spyro franchise.

One interesting thing about the Cease & Desist letter is that the lawyers misspelled the game's name, so technically the project could still go on. With the statements from the dev team in mind though, we already know which way project will go from now on.

Insomniac Games Spyro the dragon wearing sunglasses on some grass. Spyro the Dragon: I'm getting a new updated look and animations. Deal with it.

Who knows, maybe some poor sod with a game titled "Myth Awakens" will get sued with barely any connection to the real thing. Until then, you can follow the project's development and status on the tied to it.

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