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A new free to play battle royale game places us amongst vampires

Published: 02:33, 09 July 2021
Crusaders or the Vampires?
Crusaders or the Vampires?

From Dracula and Van Helsing, to whatever Twilight was, vampires were always a pop-culture favorite. Now, they appear as the protagonists of a battle royale game.

Any vampire aficionado is familiar with a game that brought life back into the mythos, helping them recover from romantic plots to creatures of the dark, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. In the game, you are free to choose a clan of vampires, each with their own sets of abilities, and to make a name for yourself in the community, all the while keeping up The Masquerade.

In the newest installment, set in the same universe, The Masquerade has been breached. Vampires are in the open, stirred to war in a second inquisition, and targeted by the organization called the Entity.

Players have the option to choose their clan, and as such, special abilities, as well as modifying their characters to suit their personal preference. Prague is in lockdown, and it is up top for the players to come out on top and establish order amongst the vampires once again.

In the most recent opportunity, given by the developers, the game was in the open alpha stage for the weekend. Quite a few of the details could be gleaned through this.

The map is smaller, topographically than usual battle royal maps. But what it lacks in horizontal space, it more than makes up in vertical. All the buildings in Prague are scaleable, to a vampire, with their supernatural abilities, and maneuvering takes on another dimension.

Tencent Which is better, magic or guns? Which is better, magic or guns?

Aside from that, one aspect of the game is feeding on non-vampires and friendlies. Aside from replenishing health via this method, there is a chance that the victims carry pathogens in their blood, which provide buffs to the feeding vampire. Vampires can have three buffs active at one time.

All in all, Vampire: The Masquerade - BLoodline, is an interesting take on the battle royale genre, and not just a quick cash grab looking to exploit the genre's popularity.

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