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A lovely story proves League of Legends isn't as toxic as it is made out to be

Published: 12:24, 25 May 2020
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A wholesome League of Legends story on Reddit showed how a good and healthy mindset turned a seemingly lost game into a win, and more importantly, it changed an atrocious gaming experience to a beautiful one.

The League of Legends community is considered to be one of the most toxic ones in the gaming industry. If you queue up for a couple of games, chances are that you will probably get called out at least once for making a wrong play.

Luckily, not everything is so doom and gloom in this game as a very interesting story on Reddit revealed how a questionable series of events ended up becoming a heartwarming story.

The story didn't start well for our fellow summoner since he lost his first game due to his teammates' constant flame towards each other. This didn't stop him from playing though as he proceeded to queue up for another game.

In the Champion Select screen, his ADC was about to pick Ezreal, but the support player responded by saying "I don't want to be that guy, but pick another ADC" and the situation really seemed like it was going to end similarly to the previous game.

The turning point was when the Ezreal player responded by saying that he understands all the concerns, but he made a promise that he will get everyone a Big Mac if they win the game.

The game didn't start that well since an unfortunate counter-gank on the top lane resulted in the enemy Teemo getting an early lead which snowballed later on through his roams.

Riot Games Picture of Teemo in League of Legends Even Teemo became a part of a wholesome story

However, the game somehow turned around, probably due to Teemo falling off at the later stages of the game, and our summoner, alongside Ezreal and his other teammates, ended up winning.

They joined each other's friend list and after some chit chat, the Ezreal player asked for a delivery address to fulfill his promise, which, in the end, he did. The Reddit thread even provides the pictures of their conversation as well as those of the delicious meal - provided by none other than a random League of Legends teammate.

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