TSM wins PUBG PCS 1 after a huge comeback

Published: 08:56, 07 July 2020
TSM's PUBG lineup that won PCS 1 Europe 2020
TSM's PUBG lineup that won PCS 1 Europe 2020

TSM's PUBG squad seems to be doing much better than the LoL lineup as the team came up first in PCS 1 Europe 2020 after mounting a great comeback on the last day of the competition.

PCS 1 prize pool was $200,000 and the champions took $50,000 home. It was well deserved as Christopher “Fexx” Wheddon, Alex “vard” Gouge, Justin “MiracU” McNally and Omer “Iroh” Develi set up an amazing performance of the final day of the tournament to win it all.

The grand finals were held across two weekends as teams kept farming up points that would see them to the top of the table. It was actually Team Liquid who came up big on the opening weekend, scoring 93 points in total while ENCE were the runners up at 82 points and TSM held 77.

TSM did not manage to perform that well on the third day of the finals and they wrapped it up with no wins as they dropped to sixth place with 100 points. The first five spots at that point were as follows:

  1. ENCE 121
  2. Omaken Sports 116
  3. Tornado Energy 116
  4. Northern Lights 114
  5. Team Liquid 112

While the points were close, ENCE were looking in good shape overall while Tornado Energy were ramping up with two wins, one second place and a third place on the third day.

It was an uphill battle for TSM since they were 21 points behind ENCE on the final day. This did not stop the team spirit and they mounted a massive comeback to overcome all the five teams that were previously ahead of them. The team achieved three wins and propelled themselves to the first spot.

Possibly even more impressive was the last match where they absolutely dominated by scoring 15 kills which would add up to 25 points in total as they snagged the victory. In the end, they were standing tall with 30 points ahead of Tornado Energy who ended in second place at 155 points.

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