Review: MotoGP 20 - Lean to victory

Published: 13:02, 23 April 2020
Updated: 13:12, 23 April 2020
Key art for MotoGP 20.
The rider on the left is definitely scheming his way to victory.

MotoGP 20 is the culmination of years of iteration from developer Milestone, a feature rich and polished effort that places renewed emphasis on customisation that affords you more control than ever before.

Within moments of booting up, you're greeted with a sumptuous buffet of content that, after some initial tweaking of settings and preferences, is pretty much unlocked from the get go. It's one of the most pleasing aspects of MotoGP 20 when compared to other similar racing and sporting titles. 

Developer Milestone have made a concerted effort to get you into the action as efficiently as possible. There's no mandatory, excessive tutorial to wade through, and no superfluous, unwelcome narrative context (here's looking at you The Crew). 

Whether you're after a deeper dive into career management, or just fancy a zippy Grand Prix, there's something here to cater to your tastes.

It's also immediately apparent that this is not trying to be an arcade racer; MotoGP 20 goes out of its way to remind you that you can't coast or ram your way to victory. Those expecting an easy ride will be sorely disappointed. If anything, it works in its favour that it doubles down on realism, because those looking for a truly authentic experience will be extremely satisfied. 

Visually speaking, the game runs at a crisp frame rate, and rider / bike detail is exceptional. Background effects like crowd detail and other environmental elements are a tad underwhelming, and stick out for the wrong reasons, especially during introductory cutscenes. 

It's a strange oversight, with so much care and attention placed on nailing the look and feel of your chosen avatar. 

Milestone Three riders turn into a sharp corner in MotoGP 20. The lighting is, honestly, superb.

There's also a pervading lack of pageantry and atmosphere to pre game set up, with stiff character animation and a distinct lack of personality that doesn't quite mesh with the real world sport. 

MotoGP 20 is a game of contradiction, with gorgeous and efficient menu and UI design contrasted with a more rudimentary in game feel. Commentary lacks enthusiasm, while character models are limited to a selection of basic presets.

That being said, you can go to town on your livery and outfit decals, with a returning custom design tool that is really well thought out and perfect for making your mark. It's a cracking feature, and gives you a sense of ownership. 

Dedicated servers make a return to multiplayer, and getting into a game is swift. The Xbox One X version has been well optimised, with excellent load times across the board.

Ultimately, MotoGP 20 is an absolute must buy for hardcore racing fans, but still remains an outlier when stacked up against other licensed titles. 

Milestone Over the shoulder action in MotoGP 20. You can also switch to helmet cam for maximum intensity.


MotoGP 20 is available now, for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and Stadia. 

Review code provided by Milestone. 

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