The newest game announcements for Nintendo Switch in 2020

Published: 08:20, 03 June 2020
Updated: 11:57, 03 June 2020
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More games for the hottest console in town

As May was coming to a close, the list of newly announced games grew bigger and it has finally been solidified. The newly announced games range from a few days away to next year releases and everything in between.

Let us dive right into Beyond Blue, that explores the vast depths of the world's oceans in order to learn about the deep sea and all its inhabitants. The narrative adventure has you play as Mirai, the lead of a research team who uses top of the line equipment to uncover the secrets of the deep like never before.

Managing your resources will be a vital part of your adventure, as you can only do so much on an expedition, creating a real sense of weight to every decision you make.

It simulates the experience of being a real scientist pretty well, as you can never do everything you want to, and you have to work within the limitations you have to get as much new information out of every expedition.

With a strong narrative and beautiful graphical portrayals of the sea and its flora and fauna, the game will certainly leave you feeling intrigued, if not mesmerised.

If you like the lights and the high life instead of the lonely world of science, Street Power Soccer is a game you could roll with.

All types of shoes, trick shots and even superpowers are at your disposal so you can play the world's most popular sport in your own way. With six game modes to mess around with in a ton of extra content, you can be a real ”baller” in the more street side of football.

E-Line Media Beyond Blue Key Art Taking a deep dive into the endless blue

KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful World! Labyrinth of Hope and the Gathering of Adventurers! Plus is a game title longer than some AAA games, but besides having a long title, the game also has one of the most popular comedy light novel/anime worlds as its setting. 

With the already astronomical success of the series, this revamped version of the game will put you in the shoes of your favourite gang of useless adventurers on yet another comical and exciting adventure.

Explore the world while getting to know the characters through witty interactions and another silly story that puts said characters in the most awkward of places.

For the longstanding fans of the series, and people who like a good laugh or just want to see what the hype is about, this is a really solid game that can fulfill all of those needs and more.

From one fantasy to the next, we have Azur Lane: Crosswave, a game where you play as a battleship in the form of an anime girl. 

This is another popular game with a popular anime and a very large community behind it. If you are a fan of the franchise, you will most likely have no doubts about buying the game, if you are not however, you will probably be a bit confused as to what is actually going on, but it features cute anime girls, so that is a bonus.

KADOKAWA Konosuba logo image The longest title ever

While the guns are hot, let us continue shooting with Toy Soldiers HD and Toy Soldiers: Cold War HD, the HD remakes of the popular games that have been announced with all-new graphics, updated visuals and even extra content.

A real treat for anyone feeling nostalgic for the 2010s, or for anyone who just wants to play as a toy soldier blowing stuff up.

If you are feeling really nostalgic, and want something to remind you of the good old times long past, The Last Faith might be the thing you are looking for.

The game is a Metroidvania with a heavy Gothic theme, very reminiscent of the old Castlevania games, it also has an arsenal of weapons you can empower and spells you can use to crush your enemies, of which there are many. 

The beautiful art and atmosphere really bring out the potential of the setting and make for a stunning game with a combat system that looks to be on par with the greats. 

With the Kickstarter overshooting the target and hitting stretch goals, the game will also have a survival and boss only mode, plus tonnes of other extra features that will only further improve the looks, the feel and the user experience of the game. It is definitely worth looking into if you are interested in this type of game.

gaming company Project Warlock Cover Image So many demons, so many bullets

On a much more peaceful note there is HOA, the Ghibli art inspired adventure platformer that really doesn’t need much in the way of introductions. One look at the teaser trailer is enough to show you all you need to know about the game. 

The art of the game alone is enough to warrant its purchase, and if you add on to that an interesting platformer adventure where you can explore the extensive world, uncover beautiful looking locations and work towards a goal - you got yourself a five-star game, no doubt.

Samurai Shodown NeoGeo Collection has seven fighting games for your face slicing pleasure. The franchise of old school fighters form the 90s has been brought to the modern era and still has all of its charm.

It's a title for those who dislike the modern fighter games, or just prefer the feel of the real deal, as well as for those feeling nostalgic and who want to see what it looked like way back when gaming was still young and games were pure and simple.

While in the retro gear, let us leave the fighting scene and check out the game that pays homage to the fathers of the FPS, Project Warlock, a title so heavily inspired by the original DOOM, Hexen and Wolfenstein, that you might get lost at times - forgetting the era you are in. 

The large amount of demons that need killing is only offset by the enormous amount of guns and abilities you have at your disposal to do the said killing.

With sixty levels of grueling battle with all manner of creatures and bosses, you will surely find fun new ways to demolish your opponents and just paint the world red, or whatever colour monster blood is.

HOA Hoa Screenshot Beautiful looking adventure ahead

Going back further in the retro machine, we have Lords of Exile - a game that asks: "what if Castlevania was set in the far east?" Boasting eight levels with lots of different enemy types and weapons to choose from, it features the full old school experience with the modern bells and whistles.

Following a knight on his mission of revenge, you will get to blast through countless grunts and some inexplicably hard platforming sections will become your best friend, but it will be fun.

If something lighter on the eyes is your preferred type of game, then Weaving Tides is the game you will probably enjoy more than the previous one.

In Weaving Tides, you get to explore a vast world on your carpet dragon, intertwine with the inhabitants and learn the story of the wold and the truth that comes with it.

The game's mechanics are very interesting as you get to weave the environment and use your thread to solve various puzzles, and you also have to do battle with creatures using your powers of creating fabric to tie them down for good.

The way the game looks gives off a warm and cosy feeling with a large number of very well created sprites that beautifully represent the characters during interactions, drawing you ever deeper into the mysterious story of this strange world.

Crytivo Weaving Tides Cover Knit your own adventure

Descending down into the world of 3D rogue-lite hack'n'slash dungeon crawlers, we have Skeletal Avenger, the reanimated skeleton that has a mission to achieve revenge and finally put his soul to rest. 

On your journey, you will experiment with new gear and perks while slaying countless creatures along the way. The fast-paced gameplay will have you rushing headfirst into an endless amount of quests alone, or with your friends, and exacting your revenge upon those who have wronged you.

Another 3D game inspired by the classics is Rigid Force Redux, a nicely crafted 3D sidescrolling shooter that uses its trippy visuals and synth-wave soundtrack to blast colours at your brain. 

This game is pretty standard as far as sidescrolling shooter games go. Without any special tricks up its sleeve, it gives you exactly what you want in a really nice looking package which doesn't make it any less fun than other games. In fact, such simplicity is something rather rare on today's market and it is surely to be appreciated.

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