Red Dad Online bonuses and discounts this week: November 16-22, 2021

Published: 18:21, 16 November 2021
Red Dead Online - Overrun
Red Dead Online - Overrun

Red Dead Online is saying goodbye to the Halloween Pass 2 this week. The Overrun event is still paying out double and players can help the folk of Fort Mercer for double XP.

Red Dead Online continues the bonuses and discounts offered up last week. Overrun is still available: players need to run fast, claim as much territory as they can and then defend it from their enemies. Everyone walks away with double RDO$ and XP until November 22.

Collector bonuses and rewards

Collectors will do well to make for Madam Nazar’s store as the rewards will include an additional 50 per cent bonus RDO$ and Role XP on all Collector Set Sales.

Those looking to take part in a Free Roam Event should check out the Condor Egg Free Roam Event as it pays out an extra 25 per cent RDO$ and Role XP. Merely taking part in the event will net you a Reward for free Boots.

Rockstar Red Dead Online - Double XP in Call to Arms Red Dead Online - Double XP in Call to Arms

Double XP in Call to Arms

The people of Fort Mercer are looking to the players to help them hold out against waves of armed invaders. Come to their aid and you can earn double XP and a Reward for 2,000 Club XP.

The final days of Halloween Pass 2

Some of us are still holding on to the spooky season and so is Red Dead Online. The season will, however, come to a close on November 22 when all Halloween Pass 2 owners receive Rewards for 2 free Shirts and 2,000 Club XP.

  • Collector's Bag - 5 Gold Bars off
  • Refined Binoculars - 40 per cent off
  • Metal Detector - 40 per cent off
  • Pennington Field Shovel - 40 per cent off
  • Collector Role Items - 35 per cent off
  • Collector’s Saddle Bag - 35 per cent off
  • Criollo Horses - 35 per cent off
  • Shirts - 35 per cent off
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