The Quick Draw Club No. 4 live in Red Dead Online - rewards and discounts

Published: 17:09, 05 October 2021
Red Dead Online - Call to Arms
Red Dead Online - Call to Arms

The Quick Draw Club No. 4 is finally live in Red Dead Online. It's a good time to be a Naturalist but even non-Naturalists can expect to line their pockets this week.

Today marks the start of The Quick Draw Club No. 4 in Red Dead Online. This is an opportunity to get your hands on some rare rewards, bonuses and discounts. Owners of all previously released iterations of The Quick Draw Club will get free access to The Halloween Pass 2 if they also decide to purchase the latest edition.

Call to Arms - 50 per cent bonus RDO$ and XP 

Outnumbered and outgunned by bandits, the people of Blackwater and MacFarlane’s Ranch turn to the players for help.

Starting today, and until October 7, Blackwater will be the place to be in Call to Arms. Everyone who accepts the invitation will walk away with an additional 50 per cent RDO$ and XP. 

Move on to MacFarlane's Ranch from October 8 until October 11 for a change in scenery and to cash in once again.

Naturalist Bonuses

Tracking and selling untamed creatures has never been more lucrative. Miss Harriet Davenport is in dire need of wildlife samples and will pay twice the usual RDO$ and Role XP until October 11. 

Play Red Dead Online this week to claim three Predator Baits and three Herbivore Baits apiece just for logging in. Naturalists Rank five and over can look forward to five Blending Tonics and 200 Sedative Varmint Cartridges.

Get any three Samples over to Harriet and receive 2,000 Naturalist XP and an Offer for 40 per cent off a Novice or Promising Naturalist Role Item.

Those not above poaching animals will get an Offer for 40 per cent off an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Role Item of their choice after hunting and skinning any Legendary Animal. Visit Gus and craft any item to receive an Offer for 30 per cent off the price of the Elephant Rifle and 50 rounds of Nitro Express Ammo.

Rockstar Red Dead Online - Naturalist Bonuses during The Quick Draw No. 4 Red Dead Online - Naturalist Bonuses during The Quick Draw No. 4

If you decide to purchase The Quick Draw Club No. 4, you'll get a Reward for 5 Legendary Animal Pheromones, plus an Offer for 10 Gold Bars off the Sample Kit. These may take some time to arrive so give them a grace period of up to 72 hours after purchase. 

Bonus on Fish sales to Butchers

Seafood is the order of the day and Red Dead Online's Butchers will have to deliver. Selling Fish at any Butcher will reward you with a 50 per cent RDO$ bonus this week.

Now available to purchase
  • The Dedham Outfit - Madam Nazar.
  • Burdall Hat - Madam Nazar.
  • Red Enamel Weapon Mod - from a Gunsmith.

Non-Naturalists can expect to get a 5 Gold Bars discount on the Sample Kit when speaking to Harriet Davenport this week, as well as 30 per cent off Naturalist essentials like the Varmint Rifle and Harriet’s selection of Tonics.

Gunsmiths are in a good mood and offering 30 per cent off the Bow and Improved Bow. The Fishing Rod can be bought at 40 per cent off and all Fishing Lures are currently half off.

All Gypsy Cob horses are available at 30 per cent off for the next seven days.

Boots - 40 per cent off.

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