NBA 2K21 Next-Gen: How to make a vicious Scoring Machine build

Published: 10:02, 01 December 2020
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AltChar's guide for a Scoring Machine build in NBA 2K21 Next-Gen.

NBA 2K21 next-gen features an even more impressive MyPLAYER Builder mode, giving players an array of options to choose from to create their ideal player. Here's our guide on how to make a Scoring Machine build - one of the best in the game.

It is a well-known fact by now that NBA 2K21 offers a fantastic way of creating your own, unique player build from scratch. With next-gen, this feature has been expanded even more, giving players the option to truly let their imagination run loose.

Now, because the new system is so detailed and extensive - odds are that you might find it to be overwhelming at first, and staring at the screen, not knowing how to distribute those attribute points to get the build you want, can be frustrating to say the least.

So, in order to help you get a proper move-on with your NBA 2K career, we have decided to make a guide that will give you everything you need to know about how to create the build that's become our absolute favourite over the years: Scoring Machine at the shooting guard position.

This build is a great option for all-around performance, with a strong emphasis on the finishing and shooting aspects of NBA 2K basketball. It gets a total of 56 badges, with finishing and shooting attributes being crazy high up in the 90s. Now we'll show you what you need to do to create this versatile beast.

First off, make sure to pick the Shooting Guard position at the initial screen - the rest is entirely preferential because it has no real impact on your actual build, so choose whatever option you like. Then, on the Body Settings screen, enter the values as pictured below:

2K NBA 2K21 next-gen Body Settings screen in MyPlayer Builder Make sure to copy the exact values as seen on this screenshot.

Now you will have to set your player potential by distributing your attribute points across five categories. To create a Scoring Machine build that will absolutely dominate the court, make sure to put in every single value exactly as follows:


  • Close Shot - 86
  • Driving Layup - 95
  • Driving Dunk - 95
  • Standing Dunk - /
  • Post Control - /


  • Mid-Range Shot - 95
  • Three-Point Shot - 92
  • Free Throw - 69


  • Pass Accuracy - 58
  • Ball Handle - 86
  • Speed With Ball - 89


  • Interior Defense - /
  • Perimeter Defense - 91
  • Steal - /
  • Block - 75
  • Offensive Rebound - /
  • Defensive Rebound - /


  • Speed - 90
  • Acceleration - 88
  • Strength - 29
  • Vertical - 70
  • Stamina - 95

You will then be taken to the Takeover screen. Here, select Finishing Moves as primary, and Spot-up Precision as your secondary takeover.

This will complete your build's creation, and you will be greeted with a screen saying that you've built a Scoring Machine, the shades of which include: Pete Maravich, Bradley Beal and C.J. McCollum - a formidable trio indeed, if you ask us.

2K Scoring Machine build screen in NBA 2K21 Next-Gen NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Scoring Machine - in all its glory.

As previously stated, this build packs a total of 56 badges in its arsenal. Let us now show you how to set your badges correctly to get the most out of your newly-built Scoring Machine:


  • Acrobat (Hall of Fame)
  • Fearless Finisher (Gold)
  • Giant Slayer (Bronze)
  • Posterizer (Hall of Fame)
  • Pro Touch (Gold)
  • Slithery Finisher (Hall of Fame)


  • Blinders (Hall of Fame)
  • Catch & Shoot (Hall of Fame)
  • Deadeye (Hall of Fame)
  • Deep Threes (Hall of Fame)
  • Green Machine (Bronze)
  • Hot Zone Hunter (Hall of Fame)


  • Handles For Days (Bronze)
  • Quick First Step (Gold)
  • Tight Handles (Silver)
  • Unpluckable (Hall of Fame)


  • Clamps (Gold)
  • Intimidator (Gold)

And that's all you need to know about how to make the - dare we say - ultimate version of Scoring Machine in NBA 2K21 next-gen. In case you found this written guide a bit too hard to follow, simply refer to the video guide embedded at the beginning of this article, or just click here .

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