Lies of P: How to lower the ladder near a shed in Path of the Pilgrim slums area

Published: 09:13, 19 September 2023
Lies of P: Mysterious drop ladder in Path of the Pilgrim slums
Lies of P: Mysterious drop ladder in Path of the Pilgrim slums

Before reaching the entrance of Malum District, you will encounter a locked shed and a drop ladder that appear inaccessible. This guide offers a solution for how to unlock the shed and make the ladder accessible.

Lies of P ,  Neowiz Games ' latest RPG Souls-like adventure, is a game teeming with petite yet captivating secrets, some of which may require your progression through several levels before uncovering their solutions.

A prime illustration of this can be seen in the Cryptic Vessels, unique cryptic items that demand the assistance of Venigni's brilliant intellect for their resolution.

A similar scenario lies in wait for you within the Path of the Pilgrim stage. Upon reaching its conclusion, you'll encounter a shed with a visible chest through a window but no apparent entrance. If this enigmatic situation piques your curiosity, this guide holds the key to its resolution.

How to lower the ladder and open a shed door in Path of the Pilgrim slums

As you near the end of the highly demanding Path of the Pilgrim level, you will be presented with an opportunity to engage in a dangerous battle against a mini-boss of significant power. This mini-boss will soar through a gate that you will later go through to access the Malum District.

Following your triumph over the mini-boss, within the mini-arena where the battle occurred, you'll notice a set of stairs. Above these stairs, there is an inaccessible drop ladder, along with a shed containing a chest.

To gain entry to this shed, you'll need to exercise patience and progress through three additional levels until you reach the Barren Swamp region. Once there, just before facing the primary boss in this zone, veer to the right. You'll encounter an NPC who identifies himself as a casual treasure hunter.

AltChar Lies of P: A key to this mystery solution is to talk to the NPC in Barren Swamp Lies of P: A key to this mystery solution is to talk to the NPC in Barren Swamp

Engage in multiple conversations with this NPC, and he will eventually present you with the Cryptic Vessel. Carry the Cryptic Vessel to Venigni, located at Hotel Krat, for decryption. Once you obtain the deciphered vessel, return to the slums. This time, you'll find another NPC positioned in front of the shed with whom you can converse.

Following the conversation, you will receive the key to unlock the shed. However, upon entering the shed, the floor will give way. Eliminate the two carcasses located inside and proceed down the corridor. Ascend both ladders and eventually descend the drop ladder. Return to the shed to claim your reward from the chest.


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