How to get Cypher Prize Ride in GTA Online in 20 minutes

Published: 23:40, 02 September 2021
GTA Online - Ubermacht Cypher
GTA Online - Ubermacht Cypher

Ubermacht Cypher is a highly attractive car and GTA Online is giving it away for free with the Prize Ride challenge. Here is how to complete it without breaking a sweat.

Ubermacht Cypher is probably the closest GTA Online thing to the BMW M3 GTR from Need For Speed Most Wanted (2005), which is reason enough for hordes of players to grab it. Unfortunately, the performance of the car is rather lacklustre, as its top speed only exceeds that of the Warrener from the entire Tuners list.

Still, if you want the car for the looks and the cool factor, you can grab it with the Prize Ride challenge from September 2 to 9, 2021. It requires you to win five Street Races which is extremely easy if you find a willing partner. 

All that the two of you need to do is trade wins, which will result in a total of 10 Street Races. The host can make the races only one lap long, which will result in them lasting between one and a half to two minutes each, meaning you can complete the challenge with a grand total of 15 to 20 minutes invested in grinding.

Keep in mind that the process might take slightly longer due to winner screens and loading time between the races but it shouldn't exceed half an hour overall. 

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You can make sure you will be the host of the race by going to the online menu and switching Matchmaking to Closed so you don't get thrown into a hosted race. At that point, just invite a friend or if none are available, visit GTA Online Discord to find a partner in crime so you can trade the wins.

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