GTA Online: How to unlock Paige Harris and Avi Schwartzman for Casino Heist

Published: 05:40, 04 January 2022
Rockstar Games
GTA Online, Diamond Casino & Resort building
GTA Online, Diamond Casino & Resort

Diamond casino heist is definitely better with top-notch hackers but you will need to go through a few steps if you want to recruit them.

GTA Online players have numerous ways of increasing their wealth and while Cayo Perico is the most profitable one, some fans would rather do other activities, like the casino heist. In order to pilfer Diamond's riches, you will need a good hacker to provide you with enough time to clear out the vault without dying in a haze of poisonous gas.

Paige Harris and Avi Schwartzman are the top of the line for such things. Paige will buy you two minutes and 15 seconds if you are detected by the time you reach the vault while Avi will provide two minutes and 30 seconds. Similarly, Paige offers 3:15 if you reach it undetected while Avi will get you 3:30. The other difference between them is that Paige takes nine per cent cut of the take while Avi will require 10 per cent.

In order to recruit Paige to your crew, you will simply need to buy a Nightclub as well as a Terrorbyte. This will open several new options, including new missions to do but in the context of the casino heist, it will let you use Paige as the hacker. While simple, it is quite expensive to get her.

Meanwhile, Avi is recruited by destroying 50 signal jammers all over the map. Destroying each jammer will award $2,000 and a bonus of $50,000 upon destroying all 50 of them. Once that is done, you can use Avi as the hacker.

Navigating to all the signal jammers can be a chore so we suggest using some sort of aircraft. If it's weaponised, it's even better since you don't have to dismount each time to shoot it.

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