FIFA 23 Encore Pack - Everything you need to know

Published: 18:33, 22 May 2023
FIFA 23 Encore Packs are one of the most expensive ways to acquire high-caliber players!
FIFA 23 Encore Packs are one of the most expensive ways to acquire high-caliber players!

Priced at 400,000 FUT coins, the Encore Pack stands as the second most costly option available. But, if you want to get the best players on your team, this is the way to go!

In anticipation of the upcoming TOTS (Team of the Season) promotion in FIFA 23 , the Elite Encore Pack has been introduced, offering players a chance to obtain multiple promotional cards, including popular ones like Fantasy FUT and TOTY Honorable Mentions. 

While these packs come with enticing benefits, they also come with a high price tag, presenting a dilemma for players. Throughout the game's lifespan, EA Sports  has consistently released special packs as alternatives to the standard options, which may not always yield desirable rewards. 

However, the cost of these special packs can be quite steep. The Elite Encore Pack serves as an example of an expensive option that provides excellent rewards, prompting FIFA 23 players to carefully evaluate its value before investing their FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) coins.

Elite Encore Pack rewards

Within the Elite Encore Pack, players can anticipate receiving a total of 27 rewards, out of which 25 will consist of Rare Gold Players. Among these players, three will possess a rating of 87 or higher and will be affiliated with one of the following promotions: TOTY Honorable Mentions, Future Stars, Road to the Final, Fantasy FUT, World Cup Heroes, World Cup Icons, or Fantasy FUT Heroes. 

Additionally, players will have the opportunity to select one Prime Icon Loan Player Pick from a choice of three players and one TOTY Icon Loan Player Pick from another set of three players. Both loan cards will have a duration of 15 games.  

The rewards obtained from the Elite Encore Pack are subject to the following odds:

  • Gold 75+ Player – Guaranteed
  • Gold 82+ Player – Guaranteed
  • Gold 90+ Player – 61% chance
  • Team of the Week Player – 29% chance
  • World Cup Heroes – 37% chance
  • World Cup Icons – 13% chance
  • TOTY Honorable Mentions – 19% chance
  • FUT Future Stars – 66% chance
  • UCL Road to the Final – 16% chance
  • UEL Road to the Final – 15% chance
  • UECL Road to the Final – 2.9% chance
  • Fantasy FUT – 66% chance
  • Fantasy FUT Heroes – 4.6% chance

The Encore Pack is an ideal choice for FIFA 23 players who wish to expand their collection of promotional cards, encompassing most of the recent offerings. 

However, it's important to note that it does not include the FUT Birthday and Trophy Titans promotions.


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