Elden Ring: Where to find Patches?

Published: 12:40, 24 February 2022
Elden Ring - There's Patches!
Elden Ring - There's Patches!

Patches is confirmed to be in Elden Ring and here's where you can find him in the Lands Between. 

Patches, the iconic character found in almost every From Software game is back in Elden Ring. He can be found very early, in one of the game's starting locations, hiding in a cave, which he loves to call Patches' Emporium. 

If you would like to visit an old friend, below you'll find his exact location as well as some additional details on how to approach him.

Elden Ring patches location

Patches can be found in a location called Murkwater Cave in the starting area called Limgrave. Depending on your choices when you find him, he will either attack you or offer you items for purchase.

AltChar/fextralife Elden Ring - Patches location Elden Ring - Patches location

If you loot his chest by the wooden barrels and boxes, he will attack you. If you talk to him first, he'll have some stuff that you can buy.

Keep in mind that you can still befriend him even if you loot his chest first since in mid-fight, he'll stop attacking you and ask for forgiveness and even give you some items as an apology.

If you're a good soul, you will forgive Patches and talk to him a bit by the fire but those with cold heart can still continue the fight and finish him off for good. 

So that's that! Hopefully, this guide helped you find the good old Patches in Limgrave. 

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