Battalion 1944 - First impressions | What to do and what not to do

Published: 14:29, 05 February 2018
Sniper with telescopic sights
Battalion 1994 - a sniper approaches

Promised as the "most authentic down-the-barrel experience of WW2", Battalion 1944 is a game a lot of people have been waiting for. Bulkhead Interactive have also promised us it will be free of many things that annoy players about FPS games, and that's a result in itself if they can deliver. So, how to play it?

So let's set out the basics. Battalion 1944 is a 5v5 shooter with the guns, movement and layout of Call of Duty 2, but game modes more familiar to CS:GO veterans. 

The objective of the game is to win most of the 24 rounds (in both unranked and ranked mode). If you play as the the Allies your objective is to plant the bomb and defend the bomb site from the Axis team. As Axis your objective is to prevent the Allies from planting the bomb or to defuse the bomb if they plant it. Simple right? And familiar from somewhere.

Bulkhead German soldier with MP 40 wearing gas mask Battalion 1944 gas masked German

In addition, every team has Cards which are shared among the players and represent which class you can play - cards are both consumable and can be looted.

And now grunts and grenadiers, here are our Basic Beginner Tips:

Don't waste any cards until you learn the basics of movement, shooting, and taking objectives in Battalion 1944. Use the default loadout to start and collect cards when your opponents or allies die.

Unlike CS:GO, the guns in Battalion 1944 have minimum recoil even while jumping or running - essentially similar to COD2 gun mechanics. As a consequence, you will often see people jumping behind corners to kill you. Change your angles frequently to avoid this - movement is as important as shooting.

Bulkhead Sniper with telescopic sights Battalion 1994 - a sniper approaches

For the love of all of that's sacred in a tight map-based FPS - utilise your smoke grenades!

Even though the game has no voice chat at the moment, try to communicate with your team and play for the objective, not the kills. Yeah we know, there's a good 50 per cent of players who mysteriously do not understand this in most shooters.

Just the same as CS:GO, listen for footsteps - it's what separates the mouth-breathers from the good players. Also, and just the same as COD2, use crouching to hide the sound of your footsteps.

Don't take a sniper if your team already has 1 or 2 snipers. For the hard of hearing, we'll say it again: Don't take a sniper if your team already has 1 or 2 snipers.

Note - objective bombs don't do any damage when they explode, and you don't have to buy weapons, so unlike CS:GO you don't have to run away from the bomb site when the timer is about to end. The developers have indicated this might change in the future though.

Bulkhead Sherman tank knocked out in the street Battalion 1994 street fighting

Take some time to learn the maps and . Learn where the default sniping spots are, early game sniping is a common thing. Don't be that sucker who gets suckered.

You can sprint only for a limited time, so save your breath for situations where you need to run through dangerous corridors or lanes. Out of breath? You're looking at death.

By default, the game is locked at 60 FPS, but you can move that lock to 200 FPS in the game settings. Also by default, the game has very high mouse sensitivity, lower it in the game settings for better results.

Got that? Go on, say "Roger". Take your time with Battalion 1944. It's simple to understand, yet harder to master.

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