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Fallout 76 Power Armour glitch is turning players into Slendermen

Picture of several people in Fallout 76, some of them warped by power armour
Fallout 76 - Slenderman and Slenderwoman

Fallout 76 players are reporting a game-breaking, yet hilarious bug. Their power armour sets are disappearing while worn, which results in player models being warped into ungodly, naked creatures resembling the legendary Slenderman.

Bethesda are having a rough launch with their multiplayer survival entry to the Fallout universe as players are reporting bugs left and right, with some even being unable to join the game at all. Others, however, are reporting bugs that will make people chuckle or scream in fear, depending on their present state of mind.

Such was the case with Twitter user @DnDGeologist, who even enjoyed the disappearing power armour glitch and decided to strike a pose with friends, since the issue will likely be patched soon, and who knows if we will ever get to see Slendermen and Slenderwomen in Fallout 76 again. 

DnD Geologist's original tweet, which also contained the picture above, was actually a response to Patricia Hernandez, who reported not being able to leave their invisible power armour. According to DnD Geologist, "a few respawns" should fix the problem so the bug is not entirely game-breaking. 

Other players, unfortunately, didn't figure the workaround out just yet, and are still reporting the issue. While having a bug that prevents you from using game features as you will is really annoying, it's nice that at least some people can have a good laugh.

Bugs and glitches were expected from Fallout 76, since it's a Bethesda game, but they have been mostly game-breaking not-so-fun type of issues so far. Power armour glitch provided an opportunity to not just have fun times, but also ponder the next step in human evolution, proving to be the first one that is scientifically valuable as well as good for cracking jokes.

BethesdaPicture of several people in Fallout 76, some of them warped by power armourFallout 76 C.A.M.P

It is not good for those faint of heart though, as Slenderwomen can look even more terrifying in some situations, just like @MostlyMewtine proved to the wider audience. Sweet dreams!