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Warframe reveals new demo and crossplay at Tennocon

Published: 02:00, 18 July 2021
Digital Extremes
Advertisment slide for co-op shooter Warframe for the Switch
Warframe for Switch

After years of fans begging for it, Warframe is finally getting both crossplay and cross-saves. As well as that, a demo of the newest expansion, The New War, coming soon was shown.

Revealed during TennoCon presentation, Warframe's cross-save and crossplay functionality will let players take their account from one platform to the next, without any issues, and also matchmake with other players on any console.

Some time ago, developers were not optimistic about the chances of these plans coming to fruition. Most of the concerns were laid at hardware problems, however, nowadays it would appear that diplomacy is the main issue. Evidently, crossplay should no longer be hindered due to technology, but the developers have stated that negotiating with platform creators is the trickiest part.

The most important thing is that they've succeeded, and all of this is now finally something we can enjoy. Players can expect to meet fanbases based on different platforms in-game, and can also use the handiness of it all to their advantage. Whether a hardcore session is in order or a relaxing one on your biggest TV in the house, the choice is yours.

Following this, the demo trailer for Warframe The New War was also announced. It could not have come at a better time. By the time players and developers get used to crossplay, new content will arrive for everyone to enjoy.  

Digital Extremes Warframe, UT Skins, Shock Rifle skin Warframe, UT Skins, Shock Rifle skin

The trailer shows new enemies, missions, and playable options. The war is already here, and it has gone up a notch. It will take the whole fanbase to prevail.

With this expansion, the game evolves. the missions feel as if they are from a story-driven shooter, rather than a loot-based, mission-driven, concept Warframe has.

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