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Take a walk down memory lane with Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini

Published: 20:56, 30 August 2019
Sega Genesis Mini and its controller
Sega Genesis Mini, controller

There are more than a few gamers whose gaming exploits started way back before PC and modern consoles, and Sega's Genesis, or Mega Drive as it was called in Europe, was the bees knees. Care for a trip down memory lane? Of course you do!

With the launch of Genesis/Mega Drive Mini scheduled for 04 October 2019, Sega rolled out a trailer that dives into the iconic console and just what it meant for many a gamer.

Don't worry about the naming scheme, as the US will retain its Genesis and Europe will stick to the Mega Drive naming.

The trailer is available in both versions, with the sole difference being the title screen, but we chose the Mega Drive edition because of the totally objective opinion of its supremacy over the measly Genesis. Just kidding, it's the same deal, we just like yanking chains. 

"It's been around 30 years since the SEGA Genesis began its journey through all our lives. And now, we get to share that journey with a new generation and share a part of ourselves", the company wrote.

In the trailer, you'll catch glimpses of Tom Kalinske, Al Nilsen, Peter Moore, Blake J. Harris, Greg Miller, and The Completionist, each of them with their own unique story of what got them hooked on the iconic console.

We've no doubt that many others have stories of their own, and it's no wonder considering the amount of equally iconic games that made Sega Genesis/Mega Drive such a popular device.

There's no need for purchasing the games this time around as Sega's console launches pre-loaded with 40 truly legendary games like Ecco the Dolphin, Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine, Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2, Altered Beast, Contra, Castlevania Bloodlines and a bunch of others.

AltChar Sega Mega Drive and its US version called Sega Genesis Sega Mega Drive and its US version Sega Genesis

There's still a ton of other titles coming with Sega Genesis/Mega Drive that we didn't list here, and you can check them all out on Sega's . In the meantime, they threw in two bonus titles - Darius and Tetris, so correction - the console comes with 42 games. We're sure Douglas Adams would've been proud!


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