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Steam now has more than 90 million active monthly users

Published: 20:04, 15 January 2019
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Valve shared a detailed review post in which they shared Steam's results achieved in 2018. According to their data, Steam now has 90 million monthly and 47 million daily active users. Along with that, a roadmap for 2019 has been revealed.

 In their annual Year in Review report, Valve have shared info and data collected over the past year, which show some pretty staggering user and data delivery numbers. According to their report, Steam is now home to 90 million active monthly users, while the daily average user number is 47 million.

In 2018, Steam also broke the record for concurrent players. In the first part of 2018, Steam had 18.5 million users playing games at the same time. That number took a small hit over summer before reaching 17.5 million. 

Every month, players buy around 1.6 million games while 36.7 million players use the controller to play their favourites. The total number of shared screenshots in 2018 is 218 million and players received 1.7 billion trading cards, while 488 million of them were sold.

As for the data delivery, Steam delivered more data in 2018 than the whole internet back in 2003 when Valve launched their service. The number is set at 15.39 exabytes which is around 15 billion gigabytes of games, updates, Steam workshop items, charts and streams.

Additionally, Valve shared eight key plans they are looking to achieve in 2019. The company is working on a new recommendation engine, powered by machine-learning, and their goal is to match players to games based on their individual tastes.

Steam will also debut in China in 2019 as Valve officially confirmed the partnership with Perfect World to bring their service to Chinese players. Steam Library update is also planned for 2019 along with the new Steam Chat mobile app.

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Valve will officially ship new Steam PC Caffe program in 2019 to improve the experience of players who use Steam in PC Cafes worldwide. Some anti-cheat measures will also get introduced in near future. Steam Trust is designed to provide more information that can help to determine if the players are cheating or not.

For a detailed look at data and future plans, you can check Steam's Year in Review report on Steam Community .

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