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PlayStation Plus January lineup includes Steep and Portal Knights

Published: 09:47, 27 December 2018
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Sony have revealed the full lineup of games coming to PlayStation Plus in January 2019. The biggest name on the list is Ubisoft's Steep which will set you in a real winter mood, and players will also get their hands on RPG Portal Knights.

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get to test their snowboarding, skiing and paragliding skills on Steep's snowy mountains in January 2019. The full list of PlayStation Plus January games has been revealed and Ubisoft's extreme sports game is leading the pack.

For some players, the January lineup probably doesn't look that appealing but Steep is a nice game when you just want to take some rest from your mains or just go for a downhill ride with your friends. It also looks and sounds great and features a huge open world so you can immerse yourself entirely in its snowy scenery.

Steep is joined by Keen Games' cartoonish action RPG Portal Knights and for those unfamiliar with this gem, Portal Knights allow the players to build castles, forts and all sorts of buildings. It features dozens of procedurally generated islands for players to explore. It's worth mentioning that the game is currently on Steam and PS Store sale, so PC players and those who don't own PS Plus can get it at a discounted price. 

PlayStation 3 players will also get two new titles. One is music game Amplitude which supports four-player local co-op mode. The other is third-person hack and slash shooter Zone of the Enders in its HD Collection version.

For those who own PS Vita, Sony included action RPG Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion and indie sci-fi platformer Super Mutant Alien Assault. 

505 Games Portal Knights
Portal Knights

Additionally, Warframe players also got PlayStation Plus Booster Pack 3 for free, and it's available for download until 15 January 2019. If you're wondering what's inside the pack, well it contains some pretty neat stuff like 100 Platinum, 100,000 Credits, a Corpus laser rifle dubbed Quanta, an Obsidian Skin for Quanta rifle, seven-day Affinity Booster, and a seven-day Credit Booster. 

Warframe players will certainly be happy with their Holiday bonus, which along with Steep is the biggest highlight of PlayStation Plus January offer.

Portal Knights is an action RPG game developed by Keen Games

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Portal Knights

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